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Playing with deadlines

The asynchronous nature of the class brought up the challenge of keeping students on track and engaged with the material, even though there are no regularly scheduled in person ‘interactions’. Note that I do not count office hours which even during an in person semesters only get used by a handful of students (this year,…

Virtual office hours and social justice

Since the class is asynchronous, my main interaction with the students is through office hours. Both myself and the two TAs in the class have scheduled multiple hours each week when we are available to talk to students. I intentionally selected the official class time on Tuesdays and Thursdays as office hours, and I’m glad…

Recording class videos

To shift from in person lectures to a fully asynchronous model, we had to record videos of the material that would typically be presented in class. This is not my first experience with recording materials–a few years ago I recorded a video lecture on genome assembly as a way of getting out of teaching in…

Mihai and Jackie working together on a laptop.

About Us

Mihai Pop is a professor of computer science who has been teaching this class on and off for the past 15 years. Jacquelyn Meisel is a research scientist who will be teaching the class next spring, and who is participating in its redesign. Both our research is in computational biology, primarily focusing on the study of microbial communities. Together, we are adapting a class that has been taught entirely in a face-to-face format to a fully on-line and eventually a HyFlex model. This blog documents our journey.

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